How much will BYU's recruiting go down after this past week.  It was noted that a player had been kicked off team because he broke the honor code at the school.  of course everyone assumed it was either grades or he did something stupid/illegal.  then news sprung that he was kicked off the team because he had sex with his girlfriend.  then the honor code came out.

  • Abstinence from illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea (substances forbidden by the Latter Day Saint Word of Wisdom)
  • Honesty
  • Encouraging others in their commitment to keep the Honor Code
  • Living a chaste and virtuous life:
    • Appropriate gender-specific behavior (no sexual harassment)
    • No involvement with pornographic or indecent material
    • No inappropriate sexual activity (no sexual relationships outside of marriage)
    • No homosexual behavior
  • Obedience to the law
  • Active participation in Church services (according to whatever religion of which one is a member)
  • Respect for others
  • Clean language
  • Following the "Residential Living Standards" (visiting hours for members of the opposite sex)
  • Dress and Grooming Standards. Abiding by the guidelines for dress, grooming, and housing. Skirts and shorts must reach to the knee and shirts may not be sleeveless. Form fitting, strapless and revealing clothing is not appropriate. Male students may not wear beards or goatees without permission; such permission is usually granted only to men with skin conditions aggravated by shaving, men whose religious beliefs require them to wear beards, or theatrical performances requiring beards.
  • Students are prohibited from having guns on campus.

After reading there is no way I would ever want to attend that school.  most athletes that get scholarship offers from BYU probably assume those rules are more lenient for athletes.  Since we know now that they aren't, I can assume we wont be seeing BYU ranked in the years to come.  How many top high school recruits would be able to follow these rules.  On the other hand this is the school that I would want to send my daughter to.  I have to commend the university for sticking to their guns.  Most schools would have bent the rules a little for a chance at a possible number 1 seed in the NCAA tournament.  We see coaches breaking rules all the time to get those top players.  Thank you BYU for saying that schooling and honor is more important than selling tickets and getting money.  And damn you for ruining our chance to see a local player make it deep into the tournament.  Of course I will still be cheering for them and hope they do well.  But after the loss to New Mexico I don't think they can make it to the second weekend of the tournament.

I Just Broke the Honor code