How bad did the future Hall Of famer want to trade in losing in Seattle for a chance to play in pinstripes and a shot at a ring? Judging from what Ichiro  agreed to big time!

Yankee GM Brian Cashman revealed that the Yanks had a list to present to Ichiro and he needed to agree to 3 different itams before the Yanks agreed to the deal, getting him from Seattle for 2 minor league prospects.

Item number 1- The Right Fielder had to agree to switch positions if needed. The Yanks want Ichiro to play mostly left field. Check he agreed.

Item number 2- They wanted the full time player for over 11 years in the majors to agree that he might not play everyday. Suzuki agreed to that,  somewhat surprising.

Item number 3-The guy who was the anchor of the Mariners lineup for years, hitting someplace between 1st and 3rd had to agree to hit at the bottom end of the lineup. He agreed to that as well.

I can't say I am stunned. 1st off this is a great deal for NY. Getting Ichiro for a song for 2 months, maybe even as a tryout for next season was a brilliant move. He got sick of losing and the Yanks needed the speed and ability to build runs instead of relying only on the long ball. The Yanks give him his best chance to win a ring, something that has eluded Ichiro.

I also believe that this is a 2 month tryout for the great Japanese import. he will be HUGE in New York, with a large Asian population and they love Ich and baseball. I can see him being rejuvinated playing for a winner and having a big 2 months, possibly earning him a contract for next year. Nick Swisher the normal right fielder is a free agent as well after this year. Both Swisher and Ichiro could be on tryouts as to who the Yanks might want to re-sign. The fact that Ichiro agreed to all the Yankee demands after playing right field his whole career and hitting at the top and playing everyday is giving up a lot in terms of ego. The Yanks made themselves a steal of a deal!