I am not prone to melodrama. Nor am I some wilting Willie. But what I saw 1st hand happen to Louisville's young sophomore guard Kevin Ware might have been the saddest thing I have ever witnessed in a sporting event.

In case you missed it and if you did you are lucky Ware went up to try and contest a 3 point shot by Duke's Tyler Thornton just about midway through the 1st half of the elite 8 battle between Duke and Louisville. Ware landed awkwardly and you literally saw his leg snap. If they never show the replay of it I am ok with it.

Never has an injury made me stop eating my food. This did. The kid landed right by his own bench. The reaction by his team mates I will never forget. Thornton hit the 3. I thought he got poked in the eye and was squinting. I fast realized that wasn't it. He glanced back at the Cardinal bench. That was it. Even head coach Rick Pitino, who I would describe as a hardscrabble New York kind of guy had tears he needed to wipe away. Mates were crumbled on the court. Some in tears. The arena went quite so fast and stayed quiet for a long time, until they got Ware on a stretcher and wheeled him under the tunnel. Folks it was that disgusting and heart breaking.

When the game went to half and back to the CBS studio they made the decision not to show the injury. I applaud their choice. CBS analyst Clark Kellogg was silent as was Jim Nance. When Clark finally spoke you could hear the emotion is his voice. Nance uttered and I agree completely I have never seen that in basketball. You expect injuries in football and hockey. Just a couple weeks back i witnessed Rangers defenseman Marc Staal take a puck in his eye. I hate to quantify or minimize any injury but what happened to Ware to this viewer was worse.

I have seen the injuries to footballers  Joe Theisman, Marcus Lattimore and others like Tim Krumrie in the Super Bowl for the Bengals. The worst I have ever seen was a Monday night football game and Oaklands Napolean McCallum literally had his leg removed from his socket at the hip. Again not minimizing it at all but that is football and hockey. Never saw that on the basketball court. Hope I never do again. Prayers to Kevin Ware for a full recovery