I had an interesting haircut experience over the weekend at Knockouts on Wolf Road.

Okay, there are a few interesting & odd things happening in the picture of me, but focus on my new haircut.

I went high and tight over the weekend.  I had a funny conversation with the girl who was cutting my hair.

They wash your hair before and after your haircut at Knockouts.  The girl who was washing my hair accidentally got her shirt a little wet.  Not wet t-shirt style wet, just a little wet.

Anyway, it reminded her of a funny story.  She got her shirt wet while giving some other guy a haircut.  The guy asked her if, "She was lactating?"

If she was lactating?  WHAT?  Who would actually ask a question like that?  He wasn't joking.  He was dead serious.  Some people have no filter whatsoever.  Funny stuff though.