Oh what a fine mess we have at Syracuse right now-or do we? call me a doubter and I certainly am not in any way saying long time Cuse assistant Bernie Fine is innocent of what he is accused of but-but-but do we have anyone with credibility to make the case against Bernie Fine. The answer in my eyes not yet! let's take a look at who the accusers and witness's are so far. We have a former ball boy Bobby Davis who alledges he was fondled by Fine yet this went on until his mid and late 20's..Hmmm..Unlike Penn State where those alleged victims couldn't help themselves here we have a grown man and his brother Mike Lang. Now speaking of the brother word is he didn't want any part of this when the story starting smoldering back in 2002 and yet that same "loving" brother despite allegedly being played with by Fine helped his brother(Mike Lang) become a ball boy..So tell me if you were being accosted by someone do you invite someone else-your brother-into that scene..Hmmm..Next we have a wife Laurie Fine who was having sex with Bobby Davis and well far be it for me to say but she also be a vindictive woman? Then to top this off we have a new witness named Zach Tomaselli who alledges he was diddled by Fine yet he is now facing several charges stemming form molesting boys..Hmmm again...Lot of Hmmm's here for me to say clear cut. To top this off we have a TV network (ESPN)who supposedly had this audio tape that was made 9 years ago back in 2002 and yet they held onto it. Co-incidently (wink wink) they now are releasing this on top of the Penn State disaster..Hmm for a 3rd time..Again to many Hmmmm's for my liking

Make no mistake here  readers I am in no way saying Bernie Fine is innocent of anything but I don't see any credibility coming from the accusers. Rumor has it Davis wanted to come forth in 2003 with his story and oh by the way that was after the Cuse won the NCAA basketball title..Hmmm again..Could we be sniffing opportunity? The only thing that makes me not  say total scam is my high regard for Mark Schwartz the ESPN reporter who is on this story. Schwartz doesn't come off in any way to be a loose gun.. However where is the integrity of the rest of the media and my fellow talk hosts who seem to have Bernie Fine convicted already..There used to be a thing that we are innocent until proven guilty-sadly you are now guilty until and even if proven innocent...Hmm again