Sources say that Patrick Ewing has “good chance” of getting the Bobcat job. Now I’m not a big fan of journalists unnamed sources but I do love Patrick and think this is interesting.

As I’ve said before I don’t want him to coach the Knicks. New York, especially right now with the Carmelo Anthony mess is no place for a first time head coach. I don’t want to see these know-it-all media types rip the man viciously the first time the Knicks lose a couple games. Plus Carmelo got Mike D’Antoni fired so there is no telling how long before he turned on Patrick. That said I do think he can coach. He coached Yao Ming and Dwight Howard and look at them. Are the Bobcats the best fit? I dont know that it is. Michael Jordan could be the only owner worse than Dolan and that team is destined for sustained failure unless they get the #1 pick, the kid from Kentucky. If Charlotte did get Davis then Ewing probably would be a good choice, given his career as a player and assistant. Rumor has it Jerry Sloan wants the job so Ewing may not get the chance but if he does coach the team I’ll be interested to see how long of a leash MJ gives him to get his joke franchise on track.