As games are lopped off, as economies lose revenue, and as politicians try to gain votes, the marriage of government and sports could be meeting up again real soon.

The NHL announced this past week that 82 total games were being cancelled. Meanwhile two senators from New Jersey, a state riddled with debt and many other important issues, are sticking their nose where it doesn't belong.

Democrat Senators Robert Menendez and Democrat Frank Lautenberg apparently have nothing better to do but get involved where their involvement isn't asked for, so they fired off a letter to the NHL.

The letter mentioned how the loss of games could hurt revenue and local businesses. New Jersey is already bracing for the loss of revenue involving the Nets moving to Brooklyn.

Politicians love to waste time where they shouldn't. With Congress' approval numbers so low, what better way for these unpopular figures to try and pretend they care but going after pro sports and playing class warfare. They really can't lose because fans think they care and just want their sports back.

Senators Lautenberg and Menendez "reminded the NHL owners that Congress has "jurisdiction" over interstate commerce which includes pro sports and  "warned" them they will be keeping a close eye on negotiations.

All of a sudden in the state with the highest tax rate in the country these two meddling members of the Senate are concerned with lost revenue associated with the lack of playing Hockey. I wonder how many companies have fled New Jersey due to their absurdly high taxation rate, yet these two senators want to threaten the NHL.

If you can't pick up my disgust with Lautenberg and Menendez, you should. With all of the problems facing the country at this time you would think these two democrats would stick to the important stuff and not private business.

As a huge fan of the NHL and no fan of government, in my view, they have no place sticking their nose in private industry. The country faces major challenges and these two figure they can increase their popularity with the people if they attack private industry and mostly millionaires in doing so. Not that I could or would vote for either of these two, but budding into something that is none of their business would make me less likely to vote for them if I were a private citizen!