Bernard Pollard of the Baltimore Ravens says we may not see Football in 20-30 years with the way the game is going now.

In an interview on KILT Radio In Houston, The Ravens CB says thanks to Roger Goodell and the rules being instituted the game could be on it's way out. Think about that. That's big words.

Pollard adds, and I applaud him for this, that football players know the risks, take the money, and assume the risks associated with playing the game. I wish Pollard would say this to this group suing the NFL claiming they were lied to about the risks of the game.

So the question begs, could we be seeing the final years of Pro Football? Let me add my question: Is it possible with this clown Commissioner Goodell destroying the game we all love, in my opinion,  can a league step up and compete with the NFL?

We have seen would be competitors come and go.  Some were laughable. The XFL was a joke. You can't sell football around a guy named "he hate me" which one player, Rod Smart of the Las Vegas Outlaws, wore on his jersey.  Sorry, but clown acts like Vince McMahon's XFL never had a chance. The current UFL is a feeder league for the NFL. They have some tremendous and accomplished coaches but no one watches it and the championship game  was played in like a 7-11 parking lot.

The USFL was popular and building until the owners, most prominent being Donald Trump ran out of money. They sued the NFL and won. They got one dollar for their victory. The USFL however had some great players. The late Reggie White, Steve Young, Hershal Walker to name just three. They had a TV contract and some big time cities to play in, but in the end they couldn't compete with the NFL

However let's look where we are now. Players are rebelling against the dictator Goodell. Defense is on the way out. This lawsuit is hanging over the game like a BIG black cloud. The dictator just fines players when he wants, suspends them when he wants, and the most laughable part players have no re-course for their grievances. If the players get fed up enough will they jump leagues if wealthy businessmen put together a plan to really compete? I say players will go where the money is and where they can play ball without an idiot like Goodell ruining the game.

I do believe this is the time if-and that's the big part-IF people with money want to make another run at competing with the NFL.

But in order for this to happen you need fans. So the big question is if you build it will they come? Will fans leave the NFL and flock to another league?

I can answer for myself. I will! I don't like where the NFL is headed. i don't like Goodell and have written much about his tyrannical rule over  our most popular sport. Suspending players at will, fining them at will, ending the bone crunching hits under the FALSE premise of caring about players has taken some of the joy away. Now I know the lame brain will say the usual "you don't care about the players", I say to that--YAWN! Yeah, you care.  Sure you do. This  isn't about caring about players. Many jobs have risks. Football is dangerous. We all know that. That's another reason why I applaud Pollard and his straight talk.

To those simple minded dolts who whine "you don't care" I say you don't care about our troops, our cops, our fireman, our pilots etc. Two can play that game.  Some occupations have major risks and major rewards. It's risk-reward.

No one wants North Dallas 40 Football. Most of us like defense and with defense comes hard hits. I will say it again no one has ever forced anyone to play Football.

I believe should a new league be formed with real money, real ownership, and not some circus antics.  We may see players make the jump. Pay them well and let them play and they will come!

I go back to Pollards words. Will Football exist in this country in 20-30 years? I  refine that to will Pro Football exist in 20-30 years.

If I had the money and contacts I would be thinking very serious about forming a real league to go up against the dictator and his offense only NFL. Soon 7 Mississippi's will be required to rush the QB. No blitzing. Etc. This isn't football. It's a shell of itself.

many players are disgusted with the Dictator Goodell and his my way only antics, his strong arming, his dictatorial ways especially defensive players. the big question though are how do the fans feel. You can have money and a plan and TV and all that stuff but you need fans.

So the big question is this- If they start a new Football league will you come and will you watch?

I will be posing this question to my audience-Game On with Bruce Jacobs-Heard on 1045 the team in Albany NY over the next few days. The show runs from 3-7 pm est. I will be posting a  poll on our facebook page (Game On With Bruce Jacobs and 104.5 The Team) in the coming days about this, and I am really curious if people will support a competitor and really really curious if players will jump to a new league. These are trying times for the game we love, Football fans.