Well not so much but new data out claims Americans will spend 11 Billion-that's right BILLION on Super Sunday. An organization called  Retail Advertising and Marketing Association or RAMA for short claim 173 million people will view the game. Last year 171 million watched the game. I can only wonder what the 2 million added were viewing during last years SB between the Packers and Steelers.

RAMA claims the average person will spend  63.87 on related merchandise,apparel and snacks for the ballgame, that's up from last years 59.33 per person.

The breakdown of spent funds goes this way. For beverages and food 71.3% (Americans love their hot dogs and  beer ) or they love crying in it. Team apparel or accessories (8.6%) decorations (6.4%) hey woman have to be involved as well and finally furniture or new entertainment center (2.4%). Don't forget to order that new TV from Hippos (cheap plug)

RAMA even went so far to break down how folks will watch the game between the Patriots and Giants. Of those planning on taking in the game 63.6 million will attend a party (27.1%) 35.9 million plan on throwing the party (15.3%). Do people party hop for a Super bowl game like they would a Christmas party?

Last catagory and this will appeal to advertisers. A full 73% say they see the commercials as entertainment. Of those 16.9% say the commercials make them aware of the advertisers brand and 8.4% say the commercials influence them to buy products from said advertisers which is the highest this catagory has ever ranked.

So what does all this data mean- American's love the premier sporting event in the world, love to eat and drink while taking it in, love the commercials. None of the above seems affected by 1's affiliation to a team or if they won or lost some Greenbacks on the ballgame.