Sure the games don't count, but so what. Football is back in full blast starting tonight. Some interesting story lines are in play, as well as the start for competition for jobs.

Andy Reid, who in my opinion should not be coaching tonight, will in fact be coaching just 5 days after his son's sudden death. The Eagles take on the Steelers in Philadelphia.

The Bills, hoping to snap the longest non playoff skid in the NFL get Robert Griffin the 3rd and the Redskins tonight. Much hype to see RG3 even though it doesn't count.

Roger Goodell's last 2 teams he has cracked down hard on for different violations meet in New England as the Pats host the Saints. The terrible commish could label this one the " Sinners Bowl".

Course most eyes will be focused in Chicago where ex Bronco QB Jay Cutler meets the newest Denver QB  some guy by the name of Peyton Manning. Perhaps you remember the 4x MVP. Last year was a waste as Manning missed it because of injuries. The Colts were dreadful and that led them to start rebuilding their team. Manning was the 1st to go. Indy's new QB Andrew Luck waits till Sunday for his debut, at home vs St. Louis.

Locally we are looking at the defending champion Giants, training up at Albany University, they fly down to Tom Coughlins ex haunts to take on the Jaguars who are without holdout Maurice Jones Drew.

The Jets, with all the media hoping they and Tim Tebow fail and predicting such an outcome  are in Cincinnati Friday night as well. All eyes will be on the "QB battle" that isn't between Tebow and incumbent Mark Sanchez. There is no QB battle by the way but that doesn't stop the media from trying to make it 1.

6 of this weekends games, and including Mondays match between Dallas and Oakland will be televised nationally. 6 of the 15 games to be played. Yes America is hungry for some Football even pre-season ball!