Call me crazy - but I'm saying it.  Jamaal Charles is the best running back in the NFL right now. 

Sure, you could choose Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson or even Arien Foster (although I think Foster is a bit of a Chumbawamba - a one hit wonder). 

So why Charles? Well, let's see - he averages almost 8 ½ yards every time he touches the ball.  Charles has rushed for 1,177 yards on only 182 carries. (3rd in the NFL)   He’s got nearly 100 carries less than every other RB in the top 10 right now.  He is averaging a staggering 6.1 yards-per-carry.  If Charles keeps up his average over the seasons' last 3 games, he will go in the record books as having the second most productive season EVER for a running back.  The best yards-per-carry average in a single NFL season: are as follows: Jim Brown (6.4) 1963, Jamaal Charles (6.2) 2010, Barry Sanders (6.1) 1997.  And why aren’t even mentioning Charles as a possible MVP candidate?

Oh yeah, Kansas City is winning!!  And Jamaal Charles is a huge reason for that.   Remember, the Kansas City Chiefs went 4-12 a year ago but are now 8-5 and battling for a playoff spot.

Just because he doesn’t put up a billion yards or have 24 TD’s doesn’t mean he isn’t the best back in the league.  Why do you think QB Matt Cassel has become a legit player this year?  It’s because Charles has made that running game legit and has helped KC move down field and get into the redzone.

He's also putting up staggering numbers and he's not even the starting Chiefs RB!!!  He's in a timeshare with Thomas Jones.  Charles has 8 less carries than Jones but almost 500 yards more than the former Jet.  If Charles was fed 340 times – pretty average for an every down back -- he'd be on pace for 2,124 yards ... or 19 more than Eric Dickerson's season-single record.