Jason Collins, who is currently in the midst of his second 10 day contract with the Brooklyn Nets rocked the number 46 jersey in his debut game Sunday against the L.A Lakers.

Earlier this week the NBA made it official that Collins has switched his jersey number to 98. Collins will begin to wear No. 98 starting tonight against the Trail Blazers, a tribute to Matthew Shepard, who was brutally killed and tortured in 1998 because he was gay. Collins had to wear No. 46 on Sunday because there wasn't enough time to get No. 98 ready for his first game.

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You may remember last year Collins wore the No. 98 for 34 games with the Celtics, and the Wizards.

Yesterday, after receiving a high demand the NBA officially started selling the Collins 98 Brooklyn Jersey. The jersey can be found on the official NBA website or league store in Manhattan.

Collins No. 98 jersey was the number one selling jersey on NBA.com yesterday.

The Brooklyn Nets will have to make the decision to either sign Collins for the rest of the season or release him after his current 10 day contract. With the Nets current big man injuries they can certainly use the journeyman.

So expect more of these jersey's to be flying off the shelves.