Add another boneheaded play to the list for Washington Wizards center JaVale McGee.

JaVale McGee has been no stranger to making some strange plays this year.  First, he was benched by head coach Flip Saunders for a showtime dunk against the Houston Rockets.  Next, McGee was involved in an embarrassing play against the Toronto Raptors.  McGee missed a shot and ran down to the opposite end of the court to play defense.  The only problem was that the Wizards tracked down the offensive rebound and still had the ball.

On Wednesday night, McGee was benched by new head coach Randy Wittman for a ridiculous volleyball swat.  McGee blocked a shot by Sacramento Kings forward Francisco Garcia.  The ball was clearly on the way down.  To make matters worse, McGee swatted the ball into the 7th row which drew even more attention to his silly play.  The Kings polished off the Wizards 115-107.  McGee is quickly becoming a YouTube sensation with his silly plays, but he's getting himself in the doghouse by doing so.

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