The NFL has announced that it will make a decision regarding the Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger case as soon as today, and no later than Thursday.

The Brett Favre story is all but over.  It seems as if the old gunslinger has finally thrown his last pick, taken his last sack and will, for one final time, make his inevitably teary-eyed farewell speech.  It is bad enough that his story is ending the way it is.  As Brian Noe always says, “You never get a second chance to make a final impression.”  Personally, what I will remember from Brett’s final season is the way he has become a cautionary tale.  Battered, broken, yet still without the will-power to stay away.  A sorry ending to what was a remarkable career.  For better or worse, the book is closed on Brett Favre.

Or is it?  Remember Jenn Sterger?  Unless you Google with SafeSearch off, I wouldn’t blame you if you had let yourself forget about the former Jets sideline reporter.  She has alleged that, 3 years ago, Brett Favre sent her pictures of his junk.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt that Brett Favre sent her pictures of his junk, but to wait 3 years to bring it up?  She actually told the NFL that if they punished Brett, she wouldn’t press charges against him.  Does this sound like a jealous ex-fling to anyone else?

Well, finally, after months of brushing her aside and not returning her phone calls, the NFL has said that they have made a decision, and will announce Brett’s punishment in the next 48 hours.  I, for one, hope that Brett’s punishment is simply a public press conference where Roger Goodell asks Brett to not send pictures of his junk to anyone outside of his immediate family.  Truth be told, it’s probably just going to be a fine.

Let’s just hope that this does not become part of the Brett Favre legacy, long term.  Let’s hope that Jenn Sterger takes whatever satisfaction she is going to get from Brett being punished and she goes away forever with what little class and dignity she has left.  Oh wait, scratch that, she’s doing Playboy next month; stay classy Jenn Sterger, stay classy.