Jeremy Lin has taken the basketball world by storm, and so far there is no answer for him.  Tuesday night he dropped 27 points on the Toronto Raptors as well as the game winning shot to give the Knicks their sixth win in a row.

Lin-Sanity has over taken our nation as a kid from Harvard is dominating in the NBA right now.  Jermy Lin added to his growing legend with an absolutely fantastic game winning three point shot last night against the Toronto Raptors.

The best part about this, is that Lin made it look so easy.  He dribbled up, saw his opportunity, and took the shot.  One of the cleanest shots too.  Obviously his working with a shooting coach has paid off.

It's now sis straight wins for Jeremy Lin and the Knicks, and they look pretty unstoppable.  That's why Jeremy Lin's game winning shot is this weeks, play of the week.