Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin has some choice words for loudmouth safety Antrel Rolle and the New York Giants.

New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle said earlier this week that he hopes Michael Vick is healthy enough to play against the Eagles this Sunday because he doesn't, "Want any excuses when we go down to Philly and put it to them the way we will.”  The safety also talked about how confident he is in guarding one of the best receivers in the league, DeSean Jackson, if he has to.

Eagles wideout Jeremy Maclin isn't a fan of Rolle running his mouth.  "He's just talking," Maclin told reporters on Wednesday.  "A lot of times, people talk, they are either insecure or scared. So you guys choose.  They have no business talking because they haven't done anything in the last six times," Maclin added.  "That speaks for itself."