Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson looked more like a soccer player on Sunday than a football player.



I can't tell you how much I hate this play by Jerome Simpson.  During the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, Jerome Simpson was able to draw a 15-yard personal foul penalty on Scott Fujita by acting like a pansy.  I'd suggest that Simpson acted like he was shot, but that doesn't quite describe his flop.  Simpson acted like he got shot while jumping on a trampoline.  (You can see the flop at the 21-second mark).

I honestly think Simpson should be fined for this.  The NFL should take another step to discourage soccer-like faking antics in the league.  The NFL warned all 32 teams earlier this season that if players were caught faking injuries, it could result in a fine, suspension, and possible loss of draft picks.  If the league is taking that much of a hard-lined approach when it comes to faking injuries, is it too much to ask for a $10,000 fine for Simpson's pansy routine?  I say no way.  Fine this horrid, unmanly dive by Jerome Simpson and discourage others from doing the same.

Brian Noe is the Program Director at 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio in Albany, NY.  Brian also hosts “The Noe Show” each weekday from 1-3pm ET on WTMM.