People have been saying for years that Jerry Jones is becoming a joke; a characterture of his own larger than life image. Well, now I think he’s gone over the deep end.

Jerry has released a new brand of “Jerry Wipes,” toilettes designed to clean your glasses. Bizarre? Certainly. But original? I’m not so sure. I know another Zany old rich guy who made money off of wipes, and he’s not necessarily someone you want to be compared to if you take yourself seriously.

Pierce Hawthorne, Chevy Chase’s character in Community, made his living off of Hawthorne Wipes, a fictionally famous moist towelette brand. In the show, as you can see in the video below, a song about Pierce’s wipes made them a viral sensation and a huge seller, especially in the gay community (if you want further context use Netflix). Now, I am no fan of Jerry or his Cowboys, but since 100% of proceeds for this product benefit the Salvation Army, I hope he has the same type of success.