Oh I have a case of Football fatalism. I have talked about this before and today I have caught it. I am dreading this game tonight vs the Tebows biiiiiig time. It's pretty well established that almost ALL football fans are fatalistic when it comes to their teams. Play good teams and we feel confident. Play bad teams and all the negative thoughts come to mind. Amazing how that works but very true and tonight in a HUGE game for the Jets there is much to fear. The Tebow factor-yes  the Tebow factor. Have talked about this many times. I love Tim Tebow the person. I feel bad for him that so many hate him or mock him cause he is a devout Christian. Course it's open season on Christians. if people were to say and mock for example Muslims the way they do Tebow for his Christian beliefs well they would be labeled as haters or bigots but do it to a Christian fella and well it's perfectly ok. Putting aside the person and talking strictly football and Tebow is a man blessed with heart and guts but not the talent to play QB in the NFL. The Broncos or the chetlin ponies as I call them are a bad team  running a joke offense. In time the league will catch up to it-see the dopey wildcat. But for the Jets this game presents danger everywhere.

Say what you will about Tebow but he is 3-1 and incredibly won last week completing a whopping 2 passes in a place that most players will tell you is hell for the opponents that being Kansas City. So the Jets have to face this freakish style that's a problem. The Jets are coming off a crushing loss to the Patriots. As I have mentioned the Jets treat the Pats like a superbowl game so losing  that game doesn't help entering tonights contest. It's a short week. The o-line is regressing. No LT. Sanchez isn't looking good. Denver has never been good to the Jets save the last time they squeeked out a  win. Limited practice to get set for this unconventional opponent. All this scares me. On paper the Jets should roll...The last reason and maybe the best reason this contest worries my-My co-hort Brian Noe loves the Jets tonight..be worried gang green fans. Be very worried