Haters gonna hate. I learned that saying from my buddy and tech director Brian Cady who runs my radio show in Albany NY. Cheap plug for Game On from 3-7pm, or check us out at 1045theteam.com.

Ok now that I got that out of the way let me proceed. Lot's of Jet hate going on. As a fan I love it. Bring it!

Let me see if I have this straight. the locker room is a disaster. Tim Tebow is a disaster. And now the latest-going back on Hard Knocks if they get the invite. Blah blah blah. You should learn to ingratiate not hate. Invigorate. And appreciate!!!!

Let's face it there isn't a team more interesting then the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets anywhere in the NFL. I love that!

I have already written about Tebow but let me add the media's agenda is so anti Tebow that  those that think getting him was a good move don't get a say in the papers. Curtis Martin saying this is good gets no time, but Joe Namath or fill in the blank get all the space they like. What a joke!

Even an ESPN reporter said he was approached by several "journalists" after the Tebow introduction said they came  expecting not to like him. What is that? How can you not like Tebow? You may not think he can play but dislike him? Why? I know why but I will keep the politics out of this.

But let me turn to Hard Knocks. Now this too is not a good thing for the Jets the bobble head press is saying. Really? And why not? Free Pub. Good insight. Promote your brand. And let the haters build up more hate. LOL..I love that!  Hard Knocks is good for team building, commraderie, and last time the Jets did it they made it to the AFC title game. Yeah I will take the results over the press's word for it.

Millions tune into Hard Knocks. Hey Dolphin fan, Cowboy fan, Eagle fan, Packer fan, Giant fan don't hate cause HK wants the Jets and not you!!!

Let's be honest. Millions will be rooting against the Jets next season. I love that. I say why not add to their anger. We are some 5 months from camp starting. I hope HBO heads to Jet camp for this entertaining show. I hope Rex curses up a storm. I hope Tebow and Sanchez befriend and embrace each other and the competition. I hope the press keeps trashing the Jets!