Late Sunday night the New York Jets were still hard at work.  After losing out on Nnamdi Asomough, they still needed a corner back.  They are able to land Antonio Cromartie, and keep him a Jet.

It's no surprise that the new York Jets were pretty upset when free agent corner back Nnamdi Asomough snubbed them and signed with the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday.  They already had Darrell Revis, but their plan was to have Asomough join Revis and create a dynamic duo in the back field.  That didn't happen, so they needed to go with a plan B.

Plan B happened to be pretty easy, they come to a deal with Antonio Cromartie for 4 years and $32 million.  That will save them $4 million a year since Cromartie isn't as expensive as Asomough.  So it looks like the Jets will have the same combination as last year with Cromartie and Revis.  Late Sunday, or early Monday, Cromartie took to Twitter to break the news.

Cromartie was the Jets best option after losing out on Asomough.  The have resigned 2 of their big free agents (Antonio Cromartie, Santonio Holmes) and are ready to go forward.  Reports right now indicate that with the signing of Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes, WR Braylon Edwards is not likely to return.