The New York Jets came out firing on all cylinders yesterday as they beat up the Jacksonville Jaguars on both sides of the ball.

Despite wearing the horrible Titan throwback jerseys, the New York Jets took care of business on Sunday against the Jaguars.  They beat Jacksonville 32-3 at the new Meadowlands.  The jets looked to be clicking everywhere.  Despite 2 interceptions by quarterback Mark Sanchez, the Jets were able to deal a crushing blow to the struggling Jags.

It had been 16 games since The Jets scored an offensive touchdown in the first quarter of a game, but they break that yesterday when Sanchez threw a 17 yard pass to Santonio Holmes for a TD.  Jacksonville and QB Luke McCown struggled on the offensive side of the ball.  The Jets defense put a lot of pressure on McCown the entire game and forced him to throw 4 interceptions.

McCown was absolutely terrible yesterday.   He was just 6-19 with 59 yards plus the 4 interceptions.  That drops his NFL quarterback rating to 1.8.  His backup, rookie Blaine Gabbert, would come in after McCown's 4th pick.  He would throw 6 passes, 5 of them completions for 52 yards.

Mark Sanchez was a bit shackey at times, but got the job done for the Jets.  He tossed 2 TD's, one to Holmes and one to Dustin Keller.  The Jets rush game was enough to get the job done as well.  In total all the backs rushed for 101 yards and Shone Greene got in for a score.  Keller would lead the team in yardage and receptions with 6 for 101 yards.