A lot of people are suggesting that the Jets "backed into" the playoffs.  A lot of people are horrid.The New York Post headline reads today, "Rex, Jets Back Into Playoffs Following Loss."  Deion Sanders and Steve Mariucci both stated on NFL Networks' Gameday Final last night, that the Jets backed into the playoffs.  The most elusive call screener in the Capital Region, Brian Cady, suggested on this very website that the Jets backed into the playoffs.


Yes, the Jets lost to the Bears yesterday.  Yes, the Jets clinched a playoff berth because the Jaguars lost to the Redskins in Week 16.  But guess what, even if the Jags won yesterday, the Jets would still control their playoff destiny at home next week against the horrid Buffalo Bills.  They aren't backing into anything.

My definition of backing into the playoffs is this: If you don't control your own destiny and simply luck out, or if you beat a team who's resting nearly everybody, that's backing in.

The Jets backed into the playoffs last year when the Colts and Bengals rested their starters.  They didn't back in this year.

The Jets have 10 wins.  The Jets just beat the current #2 seed in the AFC, the Pittsburgh Steelers, in Pittsburgh last week.  The Jets would still control their own destiny if they weren't already in the playoffs.  That's not backing in!  Stop it with the backing in talk people!