The bizarre story of the Jets fan who punched a female Patriots fan in the face after the game on Sunday has officially gotten even stranger.

The New York Daily News had a follow-up story this morning detailing the male as Kurt Paschke, who was convicted of murder in 1992.

His mom did an interview with NBC on Monday in which she failed to mention her son's criminal past.

The NY Daily News went as far as speaking with the parents of the male that Paschke killed, Henri Ferrer, who was stabbed four times and killed outside of a pizza parlor.

Ferrer's parents claim that because Paschke's father was a police Sargent that he got off on only a three-year jail sentence.

In the interview with NBC, Paschke's mom of course said that her son did no harm and that they were being harassed by the group of Patriots fans the entire game.

Sure, at Metlife Stadium, hardcore New York Jet fans allowed a group of fans from the opposition to heckle them throughout the game without anyone else in the crowd having a problem with it? Have a hard time taking that in.

Paschke's mom also claims that the girl who her son punched in the face, flicked blood at her as the two sides were separated. The girl's aunt says that her niece would never do such a thing.

We all saw the video and if you didn't, it's re-posted below. Alcohol was involved in a big way. When people are under the influence they do things out of character.

The Police Department is fully in control of leading this investigation and will most likely find that the truth is somewhere mixed in the middle of all this.