I know it's tough to take right now - but despite losing in the AFC Championship for the 2nd straight year, the Jets still had a successful season.

The Jets have never been to back-to-back AFC title games.  For years, this team was a laughingstock. The Jets were made fun of. They never did anything right. They always found a way to lose a game. They routinely collapsed.  They were one and done in the playoffs every year except 1968, 1988 and 1998.  New York had bad draft picks (Nugent, Gholston, Keyshawn Johnson, Vilma).  And they hired bad coaches going back to 1977!! (Walt Michaels Joe Walton, Bruce Coslett, Pete Carroll, Rich Kotite, Al Groh, Eric Mangini).

The Jets are 24-14 over the last 2 years - it's hard to argue with those results.  There’s finally a winning culture with the Jets. For now, they’re New York’s best football team and are among the best in the AFC.  They went 9-7 last year and made it to the AFC title with a rookie head coach and a rookie QB.  They went 11-5 this year and made it to the AFC title game again!  It’s hard to argue with those results.

Mark Sanchez has made it to back-to-back AFC Championships in 2 years.  At 4-2 as a playoff starter, he’s already tied for the all-time lead in post-season road wins. He’s got a great record as a starter in the regular season too. Again, if you’re not a Jets fan – wouldn’t you want your starting QB to go 24-14 with 2 AFC Championships in 2 years?