Well my Jet thrill lasted all of 2 minutes. Here is how it went down.  No embellishment.  I am home doing some facebook stuff and an IM comes through.  Says have you heard the news.I said no.Shottenheimer is out.My prediction that he won't be back is nails on.I am thrilled. 2 minutes later another IM.Says have you heard the news.I say yeah Shotty is out.No says the IM.Sparano is the new Offensive co-ordinator. 2 minutes. My happiness lasted 2 whole minutes. Now I want shotty back!

Tony Sparano-really? the guy is so unqualified for the job the Jets are hunting for a passing game co-ordinator..What? You mean to tell me this new hire can't handle the passing game as well? This guy hasn't been an OC since he was at New Haven like 20ish years ago. You read me right New Haven. Yes that college football power New Haven.Good god man. This guys "innovative" offense consists of the failed wildcat.

I can't deny and I won't deny that my hatred for the Miami Dolphins doesn't play a part in my disdain for this move. It does.Why do my Jets have to hire people from the team I despise the most. Is anything not sacred anymore? Yankee fans how about you hire Curt Shilling for a job. Pittsburgh fans how about you hire a Raven for a critical job. I mean a dolphin and a failed Dolphin at that.

Sparano's record at Miami was 10-6, 7-9, 7-9, 4-9 and his walking papers. the only time Sparano made the playoffs was with a Jet at QB Chad Pennington. The Dullfin offense had all the imagination of watching grass grow. The truth is the Jets are falling apart again and well I am bummed.The truth is unless something happens the Jets are no closer to a Supbowl appearance then the Cleveland Browns. The truth is I am starting to feel like a Cub fan.

Let me say this about Rex Ryan.love him but very unhappy with him. He hasn't made a good move since well since hmm Signing Plaxico Burress perhaps. the locker room is falling apart. Gutless cowards are taking "anonymous" cheap shots at Mark Sanchez. How gutless is that. Be a man and put a name to the criticism.

No I don't like hiring Sparano. I don't like having to have a seperate passing game co-ordinator. It doesn't work. And no I don't like hiring a dolphin. bring back shotty. he may have been aweful but at least he was aweful and could be aweful by himself doing the job. 2 minutes my thrill lasted. Now I am frustrated again!