I have to admit as  Jet diehard who rather enjoyed the teams revival while at the same time really enjoyed being the most hated team by many NFL fans this yapping is getting a little old and tiring. Now after their disgraceful loss to the Tim Tebow led Broncos 10 days past the Jets are flapping their gums again and frankly it's starting to fall on deaf ears a bit for this fan. Now it's Calvin Pace claiming the Jets need to win 6 straight to make the post season party--Come again Calvin? 6 straight? Really? Oh talent wise there is no question in my mind the Jets have the talent to make that run but talent isn't getting it done. 6 straight Calvin? How about 1 straight vs the Bills.. The Jets don't run the ball well anymore-they don't throw it good enough and they can't stop it consistent enough to talk about 6 straight. No question the schedule looks pretty good for a run save for a game against the Giants on Christmas eve and a few dangerous opponents scattered in but what besides Jet love makes any Jet fan think this club can make such a run

Other significant things for this Sundays games- Can Vince Young show the football world and the doubters that he is indeed big time. I have touted Vince for a long while even begging the Arizona Cardinals to sign him instead of Kevin Kolb. Today VY gets that big game moment vs the Patriots. Remember this is the guy with a 31-17 professional record which is 4th in the NFL right now and yet can't get any love. Caleb Hainey tries to keep the Chicago Bears on a roll when he and the Bears visit Oakland in a huuuuge game for both. Last we saw Hainey he did a decent job cleaning up for an injured Jay Cutler in the NFC title game. The previously mentioned Tebow's led by the guy who can't play until the last 1 or 2 possessions of the game play at San Diego. No question the Chargers will be in a save the coach mode as Norv Turner's days are winding down. QB play will also be under the microscope as the Houston Texans unveil former 1st round pick and heisman winner Matt Leinart in Jacksonville. Leinart has whined about getting his chance well this is the best team by far he gets to command in his pro career helped by the return on Andre Johnson. My advice be careful Andre-Leinart has a habit of getting his receivers crushed. Of course this 5 day football feast finishes off Monday when the Giants head to New Orleans for a BIG game vs the Saints. The Giants need this game badly especially considering their fans and even some of the players are focusing on the teams imfamous collapses the past few years