I don't believe there's any Jets fan that would've felt comfortable if Tom Brady got the football back in his hands for the second time in Overtime on Sunday.

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That's why Chris Jones' unsportsmanlike penalty of pushing a teammate forward in an attempt to block a kick is the single biggest play of the Jets regular season thus far.

Everything was on the line, not just the Jets season, but possibly Rex Ryan's job as well. With a road game at Cincinnati next week and New Orleans the next, this match-up against the banged up Patriots was the best shot the Jets had at winning one of the next three.

When Nick Folk's 56-yarder went wide left, heads on the Jets sideline hung low. The feeling from everyone watching the game was that things weren't looking good.

Then the flag came for Jones' penalty (who otherwise had a good game) and that set up for Folk's 42-yard game winning field goal.

It's the first time the penalty has been called in the NFL as this is also the first season that the call has existed (of course, in an effort to make the game safer).

Because of the situation, there will be instant debate on whether or not this should be a penalty. But I can tell you - Rex Ryan and his job security will take it.

Despite committing nine pre-snap penalties and allowing Rob Gronkowski to a career-high 8 catches for 114 yards, the Jets are now 4-3 on the season!

If Rex Ryan has a job in 2014, he should send a nice gift basket to Chris Jones.