To paraphrase Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone, "it appears Jim Boeheim's hypocrisy knows no bounds."

After charging the court, staging an elaborate temper-tantrum, getting himself thrown out, and costing his team a chance to win an important, in-conference road game over a borderline referee's call, the Syracuse coach took to the mic after a close win over Maryland to lampoon his rival for complaining about...a borderline call.

Somehow finding a way to make a bigger fool of himself than he had stomping around Cameron Indoor two nights before.

In a vacuum, neither incident is overly outrageous. Everyone can forgive a coach one inexcusable blow up in an otherwise sparkling career.  And taking a rival coach to task for  crediting your team's well-earned victory to a referee's mistake is fair game, in my opinion.

But when they come in back-to-back games, when you smugly dismiss and criticize a colleague for what you yourself did some 48 hours earlier, it is outrageous, and it isn't excusable.  It's just dumb, conceited grandstanding.

Hear Armen Williams, callers from across the Capital Region, and me discuss this very issue on Tuesday afternoon.