C.C. surprised camp the other day by coming in after losing more then 25 pounds, likewise Joba shocked camp for a completely different reason.

Joba the Hutt, I mean Joba the Chamberlain - came in to Yankees spring training looking about 30 pounds heavier then we last saw him. Joba claims that it’s muscle or something, but how many fat kids have snorted in the middle of gym class and said”It’s not fat its muscle”.  He is just defending his off season diet of beer and eating pudding.

This is just more evidence to my claim that Joba the Chamberlain is the real life Kenny Powers. Here is a situation: guess if it’s Kenny Powers (from the show, “Eastbound and Down”) or Joba the Chamberlain.

You get booted from a 2 dollar cover strip club, and speed around the middle of no where in your beat up car. Get pulled over, say 5 times, and bad mouth the legends of the game. To top all it off, you get a DUI in the middle of the week in your home town.  Who am I?

If you guessed Kenny Powers, you're Dead wrong, that was Joba the Chamberlain. In Nebraska a couple years back. Let’s try another exercise to see if you can come to the right conclusion.

You come into the league as a fireballer and receive tons of fan fare, just to have your career have a steep decline. Two years after your rise, people are demanding you be traded because you’re grossly out shape and lack commitment.

Answer: Both. These are both prime examples that Joba the Chamberlain needs to be shipped out before Ashley Shaffer gives us all a cup check in July. Remember, one is a creation to help sell HBO subscriptions; the other is pitcher for our beloved New York Yankees.

PS. I love April Big Cannons