I can't help feel bad for Joe Paterno at this time. Frail, sick and kicked out of his entire life's work, Penn State, Paterno spoke for the 1st time since he was fired by the board of trustees at PSU.

Paterno speaking to the Washington Post claims he didn't know exactly how to handle assistant coach Mike McQueary telling him he saw "innapropriate" actions in the shower. Paterno claims he turned over information to his superiors and was surprised Sandusky's actions didnt come to light until now. Paterno also claims that McQuery wasn't specific to exactly what he saw in the shower where it is belived that Sandusky raped a young boy.

If you admire Joe Pa and I certainly do as do millions you wish you could change that 1 moment where this icon of American sport and many other causes had followed some of the advice he no doubt dished to the hundreds and hundreds of young men who learned from Joe Pa. You just wish you could possibly understand how the king of happy valley, the man always in control or so it seemed, the guy with the thick glasses who never seemed to make a bad decision could make such a brutal call.

On the other side though you can't help but be mad at Joe for just handing off the information then not following up to see that Sandusky was dealt with correctly. Sandusky it was just revealed was in the private box of former school president  Spanier as recently as November right before he was arrested. You have to be mad that in no time between the alleged rape in 1998 and 2011 did Joe Pa ever go to the authorities or try and make right what he could have stopped years ago.