It brings me no pleasure to write this. As a life long Penn State Fan-Not a die hard fan but a fan and as someone who has admired not only the success of Joe Paterno but the class and the clean programs he has run this earth shaking possible scandal rocking Happy Valley makes my stomach wretch. If and let me stress that word IF these allegations against  Jerry Sandusky are true and Joe Pa you knew yet all you did was go to the AD then you sir need to be fired now. We are not talking a job,a tat,a stripper,a car or any of these stuff we are talking about the heinous crime of sexual abuse against children. For my money outside of murder there isn't any worse crime to be committed and Joe telling us you went to the AD doesn't excuse anything. Why was Sandusky allowed to continue using the facilities? Did anyone see anything in all the years Sandusky coached at PSU? Why would ANYONE cover this up? If true and again I stress IF then in my opinion AD Tim Curley deserves a  prison bed right along side Sandusky. Now this question has to be asked so I will ask it..Did Sandusky use his power over young people and violate a ball player or 3? Don't scoff. Players want to play-they want playing time and a coach who was as influential as Sandusky (who was the heir apparent to Joe Pa) can use playing time to make players do things

Ask yourself this-If you are Joe Paterno and you have been with a program for all thes eyeras and done it the  right way,the clean way for the most part why would you allow Sandusky to even step foot on campus? Why Joe if these charges are true wouldn't you make sure the police knew about it not just the AD... I am sickened by this story and frankly saddened that a legand like Joe Paterno if true seems to have been able to do more to end this evil and yet apparently never did..I hope this is not so Joe because if it is so and you could have done more and didn't then have fun sleeping at night and all those wins,all that great work in the community,all those kids that you coached and made into men won't mean as much.