Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno isn't as elusive as he used to be.  However, he doesn't love the game any less.

Joe Paterno sustained injuries to his right shoulder and hip when junior receiver Devon Smith accidentally ran into the head coach during practice on Sunday.  According to sources, Paterno suffered a hairline fracture to his pelvis.  Thankfully, Paterno walked off the practice field and intends to return to the sideline soon.  How would you like to be the player who accidentally brought a legendary coaches' career to a screeching end?  Devon Smith might be the most thankful that Paterno is alright.

The 84-year old head coach has never lost his love for the game.  He's entering his 46th season as Penn State's coach.  Sure, he's not as young, quick, or as sharp as he used to be.  However, JoePa is the definition of a football lifer.  The guy gets knocked around by his own player and doesn't miss a beat.  You've got to admire that.