Joe Torre took a job this week, like most retired Americans do just to keep busy. The difference is Joe isn’t kissing babies and checking receipts at the local Wal-Mart  

It was announced Saturday the Joe would be taking over as Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations, by Bud Selig. Joe has won 4 world series titles and managed for dam near 30 years so he is more the qualified for the job.

I like to see this a guy retires from a crap job out in LA, and he is giving a second chance running the whole league. With this set up we are only a couple years from Commissioner Torre, and that would be more fun then a tilt-a-woorl full of super models.

This is good for baseball as  Joe will provide a new perspective on the game, one that is more then likely different then Bud’s. I’m looking forward to the improvements that come from this.