So I am home enjoying  me some Monday Night Football. I know a who cares game between the 4-7 Chargers and the 3-8 Jaguars. I know not a sexy matchup but hey it's still a football game. I am almost sorry I tuned in. No the game isn't that great but what I am hearing from the broadcast booth might be worse then the teams on the field. I love Mike Terico. In my opinion one of the top 5 broadcasters in the business today but even he is getting caught up in the fluffery. I also love Ron Jaworski aka Jaws. Jon Gruden is ok for me in doses. I know most Football fans love him cause he is a "fiery guy" and that sort but I don't get caught up in that stuff. What I am hearing though is basically 1 excuse after another for the ineptitude of the Chargers and some excuse making going on for the Jags. Gruden actually said it isn't fair to evaluate a Football team if they have a lot of injuries.  What Jon?  Come again? How can you ever then evaluate your team and it's coaches cause it's football and nature of the game is over come and survive. Heck if that's the case no coach could be evaluated cause every team is banged up. It's Football for heavens sake. I think it was Jaws who then said Norv Turner is a heck of a coach. What? come again Jaws? I am used to Gruden sucking up to every coach no matter head coach or position coach. It's nauseating really but Jaws you too?

Norv Turner is a brutal head coach. BRUTAL! Every team he has led has gotten worse under his guidance. All the teams were better before Norvis or Norvel as Al Davis called him..With the Redskins the "Great Norvis" was 49-59. With Oakland he was a rotten 9-23 and with the Chargers who were 14-2 before Norv he is 45-30..His playoff mark is 4-4. With the Bolts he is 3-3  with all that talent.

This trio can make all the excuses they want about injuries and all that clap trap but the bottom line is this- Every team has injuries. the Chargers havn't been any more hit by injuries then the world champion Packers who won the Super Bowl last year without their top RB and their star TE in addition to key losses on defense. The New York Giants have been hit hard by injuries yet they won huge games in Philly and New England as well as other nice wins. I could list every teams injuries and it reads like a whose who of good important players. You have to overcome. Norvell might be a good Co-ordinator but as the head dog he is HORRIBLE and this excuse making is making my ears bleed. Please Jon find another team to coach where I really enjoy your work and that Chucky look cause excuse after excuse from the lead analyst is getting real old real fast.