Well Met fans you won't have Jose Reyes to kick around anymore. The guy who at 1 time was in a heated debate about the best NY Shortstop (no I didn't pick him over Derek Jeter) is now a Florida Marlin. If this isn't rock bottom-for now-for a Met fan what is? A team that drew less viewers then a grade B movie debut like the Fish that ate Pittsburgh has opened the vault to the tune of  over 100 million to sign the exciting Reyes while us met fans are now stuck with Rueben Tejada. St Peters who drew 750 fans for their game last week vs Siena draws bigger then the Marlins have for a few years yet they had the dough to entice Reyes. The oblivious and inept Sandy Alderson who acts as the GM of the Mets maintains the club will be a fun team to see next year. Huh? Come again Sandy. A fun team? No pitching outside of maybe Johann Santana if-IF he is able to make his return- No bullpen to put out fires- Very little power,1 marqee star who hasn't played like a star in David Wright and well that's it.

I was in the stands  along with 3,000 of my fellow sufferers back in the day watching a hopeless club stumble through 162 games and now it's full circle. How is it that Bud Selig can make the Dodgers sell their club from Frank McCourt to whomever steps up yet the Mets get outbid by the Florida Fish? Please save the wrong headed Florida has a new ball park cause last I checked Fred has a new palace in Queens. Right now it is possible pending what the Astros do with their new deep pockets owner this offseason that the Mets could be the worst team in the National League for sure and maybe all of baseball. How can it be that a team in New York can't pay for top flight talent? Fred please please sell the club already. It's obvious you can't make it work with your Madoff issues and we Met fans don't want to suffer with you-At least I don't!

I know a lot of Met fans are down on Jose for taking himself out of the last game of the season and safely securing the batting title. I know a lot of Met fans bemoan his oft injured status. Ok Met fans let me know when Rueben Tajada excites you. For now us Met fans can only cry about next year and yet this year hasn't even started. Write it down the Mets are-if they are lucky a 60-70 win team this coming season. Good bye Jose and this Met fan will miss you greatly