Josh Freeman had a stellar second season for the Tampa Bay Bucs in 2010.  He's taking an interesting step to make sure his production doesn't slip in 2011.Josh Freeman threw for 25 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions in 2010.  He had the sixth highest passer rating in the NFL last year.  That's very impressive production out of a quarterback who was only in his second season as a pro.

Freeman is already taking part in private workouts at the Bucs' facility.  He has plans to continue working out with his teammates in March even if there is a lookout.

Freeman said, "Hopefully the CBA gets resolved, but if it doesn’t, I’ve already been in contact with all of our receivers and everybody’s excited to come (to Tampa) in March and get going. We’re going to hit up a couple of the local high schools here and work out that way. Hopefully, they’ll let us use their weight room or whatever it is we need, because we’re anxious to get going.”

That's the exact attitude that I want out of my quarterback.  A determined, positive, team-oriented attitude.  There are so many NFL players that would rather workout on their own, totally secluded from their team and teammates.  Josh Freeman is willing to workout with his teammates even if there is a lockout.  I love that attitude.  It's that type of work-ethic that could lead to Josh Freeman being one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL for a long time.