I have to stop myself from laughing this is so absurd. Boxer Floyd Mayweather, through his ambulance chasing lawyer, requested he be allowed to leave prison early because the food and water weren't up to his liking and that he couldn't work out in prison and it was hurting his chances of making a living. Okay you can stop laughing now.

Good heavens can you imagine. On an unrelated note Bernie Madoff also wants to be sprung early so he can go back to making a living. I mean are you serious with this Floyd? I guess you are!

However justice of the peace Melissa Saragosa turned down Floyd's absurd request. No word if she did it while laughing.

Mayweather is serving 90 days in the klink  because he used his ex girlfriends face for a punching bag all while their 2 kids watched. Mayweather pleaded down from a possible 34 year sentence so he fidgured he would go back and try to make the justice system look even more absurd then it already is. But the Judge denied his request.

Seems not so pretty boy Floyd doesn't care for the water or food being served the prisoners.. Oh poor Floyd. hey Floyd some advice for you-stop using a womans face for practice and you wouldn't be locked up!

Just to get in on the comedy Mayweathers personal physician  claimed " I am concerned that Floyd is losing "muscle tone"....LOL..I can't stop laughing at this nonsense.  Robert Voy then continued babbling stupid saying " I am concerned withdrawing, developing anger he can not dissipate through the usual means of  dedicated exercise and training. Boxing has been Mr Mayweathers life since he was a young man and we need champions of this type to continue to their natural retirement and hopefully their contributions  to society thereafter".

Ok you can stop laughing now. I mean you talk about gall!!!!!! Poor little Floyd can't eat, drink the water or train..Gosh Floyd perhaps you might think about this next time you want to practice your knockout shots on a womans face.