Juwan Howard busted out some unique dance moves during the Miami Heat's championship celebration on Monday.  Eat your heart out, Mark Madsen.

Miami Heat forward Juwan Howard dusted off his stellar Cabbage Patch dance during the team's championship celebration on Monday.  LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh got a huge laugh out of the dancing display by Juwan.  Hey, considering the amount of criticism that the Miami Heat endured throughout the past two years, an extended Cabbage Patch dance is perfectly acceptable.

Of course, when it comes to championship celebration dances, one man still has the market cornered; Mr. Mark Madsen.  Check out the clip below of Madsen busting a move during the 2001 championship celebration by the Los Angeles Lakers.  It's second to none.  I also busted out some Mark-Madsen-like moves (while joking around) during a parody video for 104.5 The Team and Hot 99.1.  That video is posted below as well.

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