Amazing how fast the Knicks went from team harmony to team dysfunction. In a matter of 2 weeks all that was good for the Knickerbockers has gone south. Linsanity? No Linsaster!

From any account no one on this team is happy, the coach is the lame duck, the star they brought in has gone in the tank and the ship be sinking.FAST!

Carmelo Anthony doesn't like Mike D'Antoni's system and refuses to play it. He wants what he wants team be damned. Folks the numbers don't lie. Without Melo in the lineup the Knicks are 8 over 500. With him they are 17 under. That's not a blip. That is stark and ugly.

Reports say Melo doesn't like D'Antoni's system and doesn't want to play the wing.  Instead he wants to post up. The same reports say Jeremy Lin runs plays according to the coach's system then Anthony, inexplicably will just float on his own, thus dismantling the plays being called and Lin can't adjust, caught between running the called play or free lancing like Melo wants to do thus the play breaks down. The rookie for all intents is confused what to do and then the defense breaks down after the players sulk about a missed scoring opportunity. Another words the Knicks dysfunction on offense creates lazyness on defense and this is what you have. A talented club now 6 games under 500 and no light to be seen any time soon.

Another report has Anthony wanting out of NY after basically begging to get in. The Knicks gave up 5 players to get Melo. Denver his former team is above 500 without him and the Knicks well below.

I have come to the conclusion and you hate to make a definitive but what choice do the Knicks have. It seems that it is Anthony that has to go NOT D'Antoni. Make no mistake D'Antoni has a track record of winning. Look what he did with the Suns. A good but undersized team led by a hall of fame point Guard in Steve Nash got to within 1 game of playing for the title. Anthony on the other hand has never gotten his talented teams be it the Knicks or the Nuggets past the 2nd round.

It seems sadly it is time for the Knicks to make a choice. the coach or the star. If the Knicks get rid of D'Antoni what if Melo bellows at the next coach? keep whacking coaches cause  Melo doesn't want to play the system or get rid of the star and run a system that is proven to work.

To make a change now makes no sense. NONE. His contract is up at the end of the year. getting placed in the 7th spot or the 8th slot means the Knicks season ends after the 1st round if they even qualify for the playoffs. The Milwaukee Bucks made a bold deal Tuesday night trading oft injured center Andrew Bogut and another pampered spoiled player Stephen Jackson to the Golden State Warriors for Monte Ellis and Ekpe Udoh. Kwame brown was a throw in back to the Bucks.

Back to the Knicks it is time to make  a decision while the 8th spot is even attainable. My opinion- keep the coach even knowing his short comings and see if Anthony can get you back some decent compensation. It won't be easy dealing Melo strictly because he is becoming thought of as a malcontent. Then again there are many spoiled players who get finding new homes with each team thinking they can get the player to conform. Just look at the previous mentioned Stephen  Jackson.

Now here is the big problem. While I think the Knicks are better off with D'Antoni and minus Melo, the owner Charles Dolan thinks other wise. Despite Knicks previous President Donnie Walsh, D'Antoni and current Gm Glen Grunwald not even wanting Anthony, Dolan over ruled and had them make the deal. This is the same Dolan who loves Isiah Thomas and keeps going to him for advice despite all the damage he did, and the same Dolan who kept MSG cable off Time Warner cable systems. the man is CLUELESS.

So as you can see this thing is a total mess. I am not even sure a win tonight against the sputtering Portland Trail Blazers gets this team's attitude right. Sulking, insubordination, indecision by the point guard, lack of explosiveness by Amare Staudemire, lack of defense by most of the team and a coach whose contract is up in a few weeks and well it's a disaster!