We knew Phil Jackson had big plans for the New York Knicks, but who knew that they included ... Lamar Odom!?

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The troubled former NBA player visited Jackson during the Knicks-Nets game last week. But reports indicated that the two were catching up on old times, not talking a possible return for the 34-year old head case.

Without having one NBA team interested in bringing him on this season, Odom has been in Spain this year but came back to the States after playing a solid two games in the Spanish ACB (back injury).

It's true that Odom had an over-the-top successful career with Jackson in Los Angeles as they won two championships together.

But look at the recent product from Odom. He's appeared to have a lack of motivation, work ethic and has been distracted by off-the-court issues (2013 included a DUI and a divorce from Khloe Kardashian).

The Knicks could sign Odom as soon as Wednesday, before the season finale against Toronto. It's not likely that Odom would be a part of any post-season games but would be able to workout with the team in the off-season and with a one year option could be available for the Knicks at the beginning of next year.

Alright, Phil - you have the keys to the car. We're trusting you not to wreck it (more than it already is).