The Knicks are 12-3 in their last 15 games, which includes a most recent romping of the Brooklyn Nets, 110-81, on Wednesday.

Mike Woodson's surging team is currently in the 8th seat although don't control their own destiny as the Atlanta Hawks have more games to play and could essentially win out and bump New York.

With the Knicks playing so well, who gets the credit?

Jimmy Patsos on who deserves the credit on the Knicks:

Woody? He's all of a sudden telling us how great his roster is after complaining about it in November and December. It's the same guys.

Carmelo Anthony? The superstar has been playing better basketball but has he done enough for us to proclaim that he's the reason?

Phil Jackson? It's not 1975 where Phil is actually on the court. He's in the front office. Just watching. His presence has made the Knicks play better?

I'm torn. I need someone to give me the answer. Let me know:

The Knicks host the Wizards tonight at 7:30.