The New York Knicks were on the cusp of a five game win streak, but Memphis spoiled that with a 94-83 win.  The Knicks lost more than the game too, they may have lost Carmelo Anthony for a few games with an ankle sprain.

The Knicks have a history of struggling when playing in Memphis and last night was no exception.  The Grizzlies would go on to beat the Knicks 94-83 after New York lost Melo in the third quarter to an ankle injury, later revealed as a sprain.

He had X-Rays done on it and they came back negative, but they are going to take it day to day to see how it is.  No telling right now if he will be out for an extended period of time or not, but chances are he will miss a few games including Saturday at Oklahoma City.

Anthony has been complaining for a little while now that he is banged up, so there is a good chance that they will rest him just so he is fresh. With the amount of games they are cramming into this NBA season it's no wonder more players aren't hobbled.