If rumors are to be believed the NY Knicks are interested in power forward Kenyon Martin when he becomes available in March. Martin had a deal with a Chinese club while the lockout was going on but has been released from that team. However rules state that Martin can't return to the NBA until March.

Whenever Martin is available he shouldn't be coming to the Knicks. While 1 game doesn't a determination make but if the Knicks hope to make a serious run at the eastern conference title they need guard help not more beef. Adding to the back court woes top draft pick Iman Shumpert hurt his knee and could be out for up to 4 weeks. The knock on Shumpert was his offensive game but so far he has played well on that end of the floor.

Usually I am a defensive guy and love that big size but the Knicks already have enough size and muscle up front. Remember who they are contending with. Miami-not a team to fear size wise. Boston-Garnett is a warrior but he is long in the tooth and not the force he once was at least for long periods. Chicago-very nice club but no need for Martin in this matchup.

I personally feel good about the Knicks frontcourt but that back court has me concerned. In the big spot who will distribute? Who can nail the jumper to win a big game? Please don't say Baron Davis. he hasn't been a factor in 2 years so if the Knicks get anything from him when he is healthy that's a plus. Mike Bibby is a spot player and not a good shooter anyhow. like Tony Douglass and his enthusiasm but count on him to knock it down or handle it when the game is on the line? Don't think so.

The knicks should look to use that 2.5 million exemption on a guard either now or before the trade deadline. Adding another piece up front for that money slot will not put the Knicks over the top but not getting some backcourt help could cost this team a shot at a title