Just when you wanted to turn the page on Kobayashi, he goes and does something like this, and totally redeems himself.

Kobayashi recently claimed to eat a record number of hot dogs in a 10-minute span in a non-sanctioned event.  It turned out to be a complete sham.  Kobayashi's well-respected name in the world of competitive eating was on the ropes. 

Just when you wanted to turn your back on Kobayashi, a video surfaces of him downing a gallon of milk in 18 seconds.  How can you not be impressed by this?  By the way, I love the guy standing next to Kobayashi in this video attempting to drink a baby cup of liquid.  That's like putting me next to Usain Bolt in a 100-meter dash.  Why would you even bother?

One more by the way, I often wonder if Kobayashi get chicks based on his food eating ability.  Are women drawn to Kobayashi because of this?  Do they find him a little more attractive or desirable?  I think it plays out like this; Kobayashi probably is more appealing to women because of his status and notoriety because of competitive eating, not just because the guy scarves down hot dogs and milk in record time.