Which member of the media called Kobe Bryant an "a**hole" during a press conference?

ESPN's J.A. Adande tells a story that L.A. Times sports writer Bill Plaschke called Kobe Bryant an "a**hole" during a press conference.  Kobe was asked a question about Danilo Gallinari's defense.  According to Adande, Kobe does not like to be asked questions about players who defend him.  Kobe gave a snappy answer.  Bill Plaschke called Kobe an "a**hole" in a joking manner as the press conference ended.

Apparently, Kobe and the media had a good-natured, back and forth from that point on.  J.A. Adande of ESPN's "Around the Horn" even got in on the action.  He specifically asked Kobe a question after the Lakers' Game 4 win over the Denver Nuggets about Danilo Gallinari's defense.  Kobe answered the question very professionally while being fully aware that Adande was teasing him.  Good stuff.

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