Are you sick and tired of listening to what Nomar Garciaparra and all of these "baseball experts" talk about why Alex Rodriguez sucks? Looking for a new, fresh perspective on the 600 home run man, and his inability to hit the ball? Well, your wishes have been answered.

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Yesterday, the media caught up with the one and only Kobe Bean Bryant to ask him what he thought about his buddy A-Rod and his struggles. Kobe, who reached out to the Yankees struggling star a few days ago, suggested that A-Rod struggles with his confidence, something that Kobe admitted he's never had a problem with. The light hearted, but honest interview does actually provide a bit of insight into the mindset of some of the greatest athletes in American sports, and reaffirms the fact that sometimes Kobe just hates to pass. A shocking revelation, I know.