Moments after the Giants got stomped at home by the Seahawks by a score of 23-0, Head Coach Tom Coughlin called out particularly one side of the ball.

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"I expected a great effort today and I think defensively and on special teams we got it. Offensively, we did not," said Coughlin, in his 9th season as the Giants head coach.

"There's no way to sugarcoat it. It was a pathetic offensive performance - we didn't block anybody, we didn't make any plays, we didn't create any opportunities for ourselves."

For the first time since 2004, the Giants are going to fall below .500. While the media and outsiders pointed to a lack of effort earlier in the season, it's from people inside of the organization that are now bringing it up.

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"Coach Coughlin can't take any of this blame, I won't allow it," said cornerback Antrel Rolle.  "He can't coach heart. He can't make a player have heart or passion about this game and that's what we were lacking out there today."

The defensive captain was asked if it was the offense who came with a like of 'passion' and 'heart'.

"I think the defense came out there and played extremely hard. You all saw the game, I don't have to say anything. This is not about pointing the fingers. It is what it is. If you saw the game you know exactly what you saw."

The Giants got shut out at home for the first time in 16 years.

Coughlin was direct with the individuals he had issues with after the game.

"I told the players who prepared and gave great effort that I appreciate for what they did," said Coughlin. "I told those that were obvious that they had not, that I felt sorry for them because they're missing the whole point."