Sadly for us Jets fans the class that represents former Jets and Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson is no longer in the locker room, but he claims he knows who the gutless weasels who are trashing Tim Tebow are.

On his Sirius/XM radio program Wednesday the man known as LT claims it is Antonio Cromartie and Bart Scott giving "anonymous" quotes to the NY Daily News that has started another Jets firestorm. I of course don't know these guys as well as LT does but it seems to fit in their DNA.

Scott has become a shell of his former self while Cromartie will tell you how great he is, just ask him. Both have big mouths, both yap a lot, and it seems to me both like to point fingers at everyone but themselves.

As a Jets fan I have said this week the Jets aren't fun to watch, will quit, and have become a joke. I originally claimed the Jets will quit after they get beaten by the Patriots on Thanksgiving night. Quitting time for this gutless ball club will be December 2nd at home vs. the Cardinals. I am moving that up.

My new timeline for the big quit will be this week in St. Louis. This Jets team lacks character, lacks guts, lacks fight, lacks class, and frankly lacks fun. Just look at the scores of the games. In a league filled with parity the Jets are a joke!. They have been crushed by Miami, a bad team themselves, San Francisco, Seattle, and Pittsburgh. The talent is so even in the NFL today for the most part that when you lose most games are close. Not for my beloved Jets. Maybe now we know why, thanks to former great LaDanian Tomlinson