How many times does the Phoenix Rise? How many lives do cats have? How many times will Larry Bird take over the reigns of the Indiana Pacers?

Bird is back with his home town team. Bird is from French Lick, Indiana. It is his 3rd shot with the Pacers. His 1st 2 he had lots of success with the exception of winning it all.

As a coach he led the Pacers to the NBA finals. As president of basketball operations he has drafted or acquired most of the talent that led the Pacers to the eastern conference finals last year, even though he stepped aside.

Bird claims he is renewed, health issues resolved ( whatever they might have been) and packed with energy and ready to take the Pacers over that Miami hurdle.

Last year the Pacers were mostly guided by GM Kevin Pritchard and team president Donnie Walsh. Ironically Walsh steps aside from his 2nd tenure of leading the Pacers. He will now be a team consultant. Walsh left the Pacers to run the NY Knicks. He led the Knicks out of salary cap hell created by Isiah Thomas. Walsh hired Mike D'Antoni and the Knicks became respectable again.

It was revealed that Bird, before returning to the Pacers had interviewed for the Sacramento Kings vacant GM job.

Bird will officially take over the Pacers operation starting on July 1st...